Thursday, May 12, 2016

Setter Ochaken Sherlock

When I got home from walkies I found a bag hanging on the gate with new toys for Sherlock...thank you! These are ever so cute, and spitting image! 
It's getting so hot, the shade is welcome, and also visually so inviting. The dogs enjoy lazily hunting...I'm a little tired today, so I dropped Sherlock's leash, and in my rush to run after him I dropped Claire's: she was off like a bullet, with Sherlock in her wake, and Mummy racing after them calling at what became an ever more frantic high pitched wail as we dashed along the side of the baseball field and neared the copse along the road. 
Claire headed off at the gate, rounding back into the park and slowing to wait for me. Meanwhile Sherlock actually headed out onto the road, but fortunately just as my heart sank, he stopped and turned back into the park to come to a halt at my feet, so that I could pick up the leash and go with him to join Claire, Nobu trailing along in my wake observing the drama. While we all calmed down over a drink of water, Nobu decided it was his turn to play and jumped up on me, play-biting the leash and the water bottle and me in turn. I told him to stop shortly, no fun being play-bitten and gripped around my bare legs, those doggie nails, although clipped and buffed from walkies, are somewhat painful. Best to wear jeans on walkies, I keep forgetting!
Photos by Lelantos

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