Monday, May 30, 2016

Manifesting Setters

I'm really happy with a horoscope I read via Facebook, and it really expresses how I feel with my life and the dogs right now:
"I’ve got what I need to work with. I am lacking nothing. I’ve got raw materials in abundance. I’ve got diamonds in the ruff for days.

I welcome the discipline it takes to make these materials into my masterpieces. I am grateful for the creative collaborators that keep me honest and expansive. I am humbled by the adventures that they take me on and am made better for the journey.

Love is my true wealth.

I focus on doing more of what I truly love while I work. I do more than just talk about what I’d love to do. I do what I love to do and talk about it after the fact. I don’t waste energy wishing. I spend energy manifesting."
Source: Chani Nicholas Astrological Blog 
Photos by KyouSK at Yadoriki Fureai Dog Run

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