Saturday, July 2, 2016

If it ain't broke...

Sherlock was so tentative on our walkies with a harness, compared to this photo of him on the leash...he's happy with our walkies, in fact we are all so well-adjusted to the threesome system right now (Nobu behind me and Claire in front, lined up, leash clipped together over my shoulder so Sherlock can whisk left and right underneath) that I've been able to take along the camera for these pictures. As a result, I've decided I'm not going to put him to the stress of learning a new body gadget just yet...the collar it is. If Sherlock's neck muscles are tense, I can massage them.
Meanwhile training speak on the doorstep on the return of our mini-walkies was a complete disaster, so I used it to train shush, and reinforce sit and down...I made a point of apologizing to our neighbor again, they're very strict with their own dog about barking, but equally quite pre-disposed toward being understanding about rescue. I'm working on it, I said, the pound is very traumatizing but I'm doing my best. All will be well.

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