Tuesday, July 19, 2016

That quizzical look

 I am lurking deep in the overgrown garden greens calling the dogs to take pictures...after breakfast and a great walkies they're like, are you really asking us to come and get eaten alive? Yer what?
It's so hot, what's the point? Much better to get back behind the green curtain of bitter melon and laze in the shade...right?
Sherlock woke me from a deep slumber at 0100 with the jingling sound of his pee in the kitchen...alas, not on a pet sheet...nor in the hall, his seemingly favorite area...more swipe petsheet, spray and wipe cloth cleanup...evening bedtime walkies at 20:30 all in vain, he can't seem to last the night. I'm going to investigate doggie belly bands, see if they're humane...

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