Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rain again?

This was supposed to be our day of strenuous walkies to make up for being cooped up in the house yesterday...and it's raining again...seriously? Oh no! Just one walkies in the drizzle for an hour, to unload mountains of poopie and empty the bladder and get a whiff of all the scents to the east...and now it's already time for supper. Where did the day go? All towelled dry now and waiting patiently...what's with the typing Mum, are you testing my patience? Don't set me up for failure here, do I have to bark for supper? I'd better go to maintain this positive success in our training regimen, Sherlock is managing to control himself very well now for meals and walkies, a miracle I didn't think possible just a week or so ago. Thank you Laura VanArendonk Baugh! The downside...while Claire and Sherlock made a point of peeing outside even though it's raining, Nobunaga has been secretly peeing on the upstairs spite of the pet sheet, it has somehow formed a lake behind and under the sheet...
Photos by Lelantos

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