Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Call it aura, call it vibe, some people (and of course animals) have such an incredible beauty in their being...and others not. They say handsome is as handsome does, and over the years I think it shows up even more in your face and whole being, depending on how you have "done". No wonder we want to rest our gaze from the US leaders right now, and look elsewhere for beauty. No-one could be more gentle and wise, accommodating and self-possessed than Nobunaga, unless of course it's Lady Claire...Here he is holding back his irritation at the constant barking...fortunately some of that self-control is beginning to rub off on Sherlock.
On our way home from the woods and parks today, we met an eight month old Akita who wanted to play and, being held back on the leash, was pawing air at Sherlock and Nobu. In the melee, I realized I had actually dropped Sherlock's leash, but instead of hiving off into the impending sunset, he simple made a wide careful circle to my side. Very gratifying. 
Claire is wootling happily in the underbrush, not going too far, not losing her calm...Sherlock, meanwhile, hollers his joy of being alive to the four corners of the earth! Whoopeeeeeeee! There must be a beagle somewhere in the genes...

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