Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Dream

Last night I dreamed a very vivid dream: I was given three new dogs, spur of the moment acquisitions abandoned by their previous owner who had bought them without the ability to care for them properly. They called me up and lured me to their place with the promise of some artwork, which didn't really do it for me, so I said no thank you....and then I end up being offered these three dogs instead. They were not setters, and not particularly pretty, but one of them climbed up on my shoulders and hung warm on my back and would not let go...the other total submission, nose at my belly...not quite sure about the third, but they were all getting on okay with Claire who seemed fine with more babies, and Claire basically rules the nest.
 I remember feeling so sorry for them, and then thinking okay, but I'm going to need the previous owner to help pay for the heartworm meds and vaccinations, if I manage financially I'm sure things will work out....weird! Claire came to be with us in 2011, here's a picture every year for the last seven years:






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