Saturday, February 18, 2017

Japanese Dakiningyo

Meet Mami, a little sister for Hiromi. Today a best friend (I sure am blessed with wonderful loving friends) took me to the Yamato antiques flea-market, held every third Saturday of the month, and I felt her calling me from across the way I could resist.
She's a cutie, just the right kind of company for Hiromi, the eighty year old doll I was gifted by a they are together, rescued like our setters from oblivion, now happy additions to our family. Hiromi is looking like a big sister already!
It's so funny the way their mood changes every second, their faces are so expressive, just like us humans, just like setters, sentient beings. Japanese craftsmanship is superb in that way, Hiromi and Mami really come alive.

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