Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Setter Valentine

Went on a date with my babies to the Forest Park...just out of the car, Sherlock's leash slipped out of my hand and he was off in a twinkling trailing his leash behind like a gaily fluttering ribbon...

Various people in the park gave me helful hints about his whereabouts, and he came back to me after circling both the parking area and then the whole park, happily chasing a pigeon at the pond before trotting over contentedly to rejoin our setter group. 
Pleased as plum, we all wandered around and around the various sections of the park, saying hello to doggie friends, enjoying chasing birds at the pond, sploshing in the stream, wandering through the plum blossoms...
Sherlock was having a ball, look Mummy, look Mummy, if we stop for a second he's hollering at the top of his lungs with excitement, trying to tell me where to go next...
Happy Valentine! Says Claire. Love is in the air!
 All you need is love!
 What me? Says Nobu...jumping on Mummy, bitey bite...never!

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