Monday, February 13, 2017

Exemplary Pet Owner Part 2

Chewies for the dogs to while the afternoon away as Mummy and family go off to the Exemplary Pet Owner Award ceremony. Award winners were presented with a fine Japanese scroll box:
...which opens to reveal the gilt certificate inside...
...the fun thing is it reads, we are awarding this to thank you on behalf of your pets, which is a really cute idea.
 The award ceremony itself was over in a twinkling with a roll call of names and an award winner representative up on stage to read some bland words of appreciation, and we all settled in to enjoy a talk by Japanese photographer, Manabu Miyazaki. I particularly liked his pictures of how animals decompose, recycled into the wild over time, providing food for scavengers, insects and flora. He had a lot of interesting and scathing things to say about our modern society and its saccharine view of nature. 
Thank heavens the dogs had their chewies!  It went on longer than expected and we were greeted at the door by a puddle of peewees...sorry sweeties, more attention and longer walkies another day.
Photos by Lelantos

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