Friday, April 29, 2016

Baker Street

I went to the ward office yesterday and registered Sherlock as officially ours. Thank you so much Gundogrescue CACI and CEO Rie Kaneko for saving this precious little life. Sherlock, you are finally truly home, welcome to your furever family!
This is without at doubt Chiaro di Luna's doing: she came to us as a temporary foster two and a half years ago, and when the vet said she had only three months to live, we decided to keep her- no way she had the strength to adapt to yet another family even if someone stepped up to take her. And she was so happy and determined to be with us, she made it to two fulfilled and joyous years of life before crossing the rainbow bridge to freedom...yet her energy is still so present in the house and around us, and I know she has sent us wee Sherlock to be here in her stead, a wee boy so she won't be jealous, but a creamy little being to pamper and love while reminding us of Luna every day.

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