Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boy Toys

Rescued English setter Sherlock gets peckish around five, and supper isn't for another hour or today it's been raining, so walkies have been damp squibs, and short ones at that. 
Sherlock told me he loved kong food toys, picking them out of the basket himself, and today I noticed how to use this (no wonder Nobu never showed any interest when I bought it for him years ago, I never realized I had to stuff it with kibble before!). Here goes!
Claire is suddenly very interested (she's a doughnut girl- I taught her how aeons ago) and needs another kong toy, while Nobu kind of watches hoping to pick up a stray piece of kibble now and then. Sherlock doesn't want to get in a fight with Claire, so he picks up his toy and takes it to the kitchen to his little blue blanket.
After the excitement of the game, Sherlock is all hyped up and pees in two locations in the sitting room...fortunately I had the corner of the TV covered, taped up a pet pee sheet, and the long towel protected the armchair from a dousing...
Then he's off to double check if Claire left any food in the squirrel kong...
...and finally fell fast asleep at my feet as I blog...wake up sweetie, it's suppertime!

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