Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Meet Sherlock, the latest addition to our family. Rescued from death row at the Chiba pound, Sherlock had 115 shares in FB and no-one stepped up...with four other males abandoned in the space of a few weeks, Gundog Rescue CACI was full to overflowing, and we were off to a wee holiday in Nasu with Nobunaga and Lady Claire, so poor old Sherlock had to wait for what must have seemed like an eternity before we could step in to rescue him. However, once they recieve a secure foster application, the pound will vaccinate the dog and take them off death row, not that it's any more pleasant there...
He was most agitated after his freedom walk, so CACI CEO Rie Kaneko offered to bring him over straight away, even though it was past nine pm. Thank you, Rie! Heroic! When he arrived, he was ever such a sweetie, wriggling and hugging the ground like a submissive sausage dog, and in the space of a night he banged his tail all bloody in an attempt to show his gratitude and willingness to please. I needed to get him used to being in a cage so that he's safe when I'm away, but he obviously associated it with the pound, so I spent the night sleeping next to his cage, calming him every hour as he barked furiously, letting him out to pee in the garden, brushing him down with flea combs and furminator, and my lovely sharp trimming scissors were snip snipping too, to get out some of the matted hair, and then in the morning he got an early shampoo. (I didn't want to wash off the Frontline, applied to get rid of the ticks and fleas from the pound). Spruced up nicely, methinks. Wiped his ears with marjoram essential oil in marigold carrier to soothe the inflammation, and rubbed down his spine with chamomile in marigold.
Is that ever a face of mischief! What a wee handful...determined to get what's up on the counter, the table, the trash...and already loping round the garden...methinks the back fence may be too low in future.

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