Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pupdate Sherlock: Rescue English Setters!

So much indebted to my wonderful vet, Koyama sensei . No fuss, just straightforward explanations, solid vetting: 14kg Sherlock has a miraculous clean bill of health: clean stool, so no need for any extra deworming, sonogram pictures show a healthy wee body and no heartworm in his heart yet, so instantly swallowed heartworm meds to put a stop to incipient problems clear from the bloodwork. Next month all three dogs will be on preventive medicine together (oh the hole in my wallet). 
Sherlock was so patient on the vet's table, even having his nails clipped and blood taken, ultrasound scanning, never a cringe...after getting treats, he was even more happy with things, waiting patiently while Dr. Koyama did a thorough check.
I asked about Sherlock's ears, which were pronounced okay, and his fur, the bits are just random little scabs and no worries about dermatitis, says the vet. 
Every step was explained to me patiently and thoroughly...Sherlock's cherry eye does not restrict his vision, since dog's vision is more peripheral than humans, and no invasive surgery is necessary, since it could lead to long term issues with dry eye. Secretly I'm hoping to lick it back into place with the most delicate of massages over time...
As we bow our way out of the vet's examination room, Sherlock is still hoping to get more treats from the gentle and loving assistant. We'll be back in a month for the heartworm meds for the setter family, to discuss any issues that may crop up as Sherlock settles in, and to set a date for the big pipe-cut...
 What a lucky family, three healthy setters! Not a murmur in the heart, not a tumor in the body, just a happy wee setter to be loved and cuddled into big setter smiles: fantastic news! 
 Thank you Koyama Animal Hospital! And thank you Gundog Rescue CACI for saving this cutie!

Photos by KyouSK

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