Sunday, April 24, 2016

English Setter Dreaming

Sherlock loves playing with food toys, which have lain abandoned at the bottom of the toy basket for nigh on five years...he dug them out himself, at which point I filled them with kibble, and off he was...this got Claire interested, so I had to fill up another for her, and a third for measure, although Sherlock seemed most fond of the orange squirrel.
I wish he'd sleep like this at night, he wakes me up every hour or so for a peewees, and I feel a bit like a mum with a newborn babe, lacking sleep...but things are slowly settling down, I'm beginning to  know where to pin up the toilet sheet to catch his marking. His body odor is thankfully almost gone after two shampoos since he arrived (thank you Luminosa!), and rubbing in chamomile oil helps too...
Photos by Lelantos

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