Sunday, April 24, 2016

English Setter with Baby

The noise and bustle of grandkids is very stressful for the dogs, and Granma is busy busy busy with the wains...
Claire and Nobu are pretty much resigned to the presence of wee kids, but for Sherlock it was a new experience in what must have been a peaceful haven so far...
He was really good about it all, but I was so sad to realize he must have been beaten into submission with a stick, when Cato pranced into the room waving a toy sword, he freaked, panic, blue funk, fleeing and slipping on the parquet floor, running with nowhere to go, and ended up shaking and quivering with his head stuck under my arm for comfort. Took some good warm loving and soothing to get him to stop shaking, the kids packed off upstairs and things could go back to normal, thank God for chamomile oil, no wonder the poor boy is tight and wired all over his body...slowly getting over it this morning, such a good boy. Mummy too, enraged and shocked, trying to banish the thought of anyone taking out their ignorance and temper on this wee body...peewees on the floor and up all night every hour as he wakes and frets, no problem, he'll settle down and learn to relax just fine as time goes by.
Photos by Lelantos

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