Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kimono Magic

Claire and I walked down the hill to drop in at my favorite kimono store, Kurumaya. The store is named after the waterwheel, and I go there quite a bit to chat and check out their exquisite and reasonably priced wares. They're ever so friendly and gave me tea and biscuits, Claire a bowl of water - Claire herself just went to sleep on the floor waiting for me. I'm looking forward to autumn when I can go out somewhere in a kimono...not with Claire though, maybe, her doggie hairs would get all over the fabric and she'd probably drag me through cobwebs!
The picture below is taken in spring in Bairin, the local plum blossom park where Claire and I go walkies every morning. I'm wearing a Kurumaya original: a cherry bark dyed tsumugi kimono created especially by the store from famous local Ooka River cherry trees.

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