Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Half way through our run in the park I sit down and slip the long lead over my foot, letting Claire wander off the full 10m length, and then call her back: here! Even though I've not been practicing our doggie obedience with any fervor this week, it's a wee moment to remind her. I picked some burrs out of her coat to point out that I have my reasons when I call.
 She's generally getting the message and I reinforce positively with a tidbit of dried liver which I carry in my wee doggie waistpouch for these training occasions. The good thing is today's Thursday, and our obedience class. It's hard getting up early for walkies and switching on active peppy working mode the day after my long haul in Tokyo, but it's worth it: Claire's happy that I'm happy, and it's mutual positive reinforcement. 

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