Sunday, October 23, 2011

Edokomon Claire

 As I've probably mentioned before, I love wearing kimonos, and it's kind of boring if they're too good for walkies with Claire. I want the best of both worlds, kimono and dog, and today I'm wearing a hand-me-down Edokomon which fits the bill perfectly. 

Ordinarily Edokomon are great for visits to art galleries, a day out shopping or an evening cocktail party or jazz event, since they're chic and stylish. However, they're so genteel they can even be worn to tea ceremony or weddings, so they are both elegant and versatile. Too good for time out with the dog even, only this baby is second hand, already used to wear and tear, so if the lead runs across it or Claire brushes up it won't mind, just happy to be worn and appreciated again...
  -and just the right chrysanthemum pattern for the autumn. Quite an unusual pattern, intricate and enthralling, beautiful and graceful, a rare gem of a kimono indeed. The craftsmanship going into these Edokomon is fantastic: first, artists create specialized stencil sheets, then craftspeople strengthen them with threads, and finally the dye specialist dyes them on the silk fabric, moving the block for each section and taking great care to leave no blurred lines where sections join. Apparently now the skills are dying out, although computer printing is now available to make a perfect Edokomon easily...although they lack the warmth of the handmade pieces. Claire and Mum in an autumn mood together, back from a walk in the park where we were showered with admiring and generous compliments from passers by.

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