Monday, October 31, 2011

Holding the fort

 I've been away helping out with my friend Kasumi Suzuki's knit exhibition, so the only time I get with Claire is our morning walk. Tosh has been taking her out for the evening walk and sends me updates on the cell, which gives me something to enjoy on the long trip home.

Here she is literally pigging out on a pig's ear, which she crunches and scrunches on for about quarter of an hour before it's devoured. Tosh likes to give her treats, whereas I'm more inclined to go out for yet another walk... 

After that they go wild with the toys, and Claire is quite good at catching them in midair when tossed. She seems to prefer playing inside, rather than running around after them in the garden for some reason.

You can really see she's happy and comfy when you look at the bedroom shots...there she is replete and snuggling in like a baby:

 Granma is having an operation tomorrow and she was kind of anxious, but asked after Claire, so I showed her the pictures. What a lucky dog, so happy, totally accepted in the family circle, she said. Our wee Claire.

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