Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dog Cafe Marin and Cape Kannon

Tosh was looking for a fun excursion not too far from home and found Dog Cafe Marin. We left the Yokoyoko Expressway at the Yokosuka exit and drove for a short while to get there, really easy to find. It had a nice woody feel, spacious with generous room between tables and ample chairs. The fresh seafood on rice we had was so tempting neither of us could hold back to take pictures, going, going, gone! And very good it was, thank you. Apparently the winter menu is also great, and we met a couple celebrating their dog Ai's fourth birthday there- they come from Tokyo once a month, they said. There were free One Brand dog magazines, so we sat for a while reading, relaxing and enjoying the view of the surrounding hills. Inside the restaurant there was pretty hand made pottery on sale too, great use of blue, turquoise and whites.

We then drove on to Cape Kannon (Kannonzaki) for a refreshing sea walk- a quick run on the beach, followed by jumping over rocks, and then a longer walk round the Cape through a tunnel and up the hill, before we got back on to the newly made extension of the Yokoyoko to zap home in half an hour...just the right mix of easy distance and novelty experience we had hoped for. The pictures say it all: 
Claire jumping over the rocks with glee

Walking through the tunnel

A wooden replica of a cannon

Madame Butterfly

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