Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pointing dog

"The basic rule of dog training is repetition, repetition, repetition, plus common sense. One nail at a time will build a house. Repetition will eventually produce a well trained dog....Bear in mind, too, that every dog being trained is looking for what I call an escape hatch. ...You have given your puppy a workout and are bringing him back to the car. Suddenly he circles the car, maybe giving you a quick look, and takes off to hunt some more....Dogs are like children. You tell your kids to go to bed. They start, but then decide that they need a glass of water, or something to eat, or to do their homework. That is their escape hatch. With dogs, as with children, firm insistence will bring recognition of the fact that it is your wishes, not theirs, that must be obeyed." Paul Long (2005) Training Pointing Dogs 2nd. ed. The Lyons Press
I guess I am a bit of an easy going parent, asking to be disobeyed! Training day today with Claire, and this week, contrary to the basic rule of dog training, I was sidetracked by this, that and the other instead of reinforcing our training targets every day...Ah well, as Long says: "Frankly, it's your dog. You bought him for your pleasure. If you are not successful, who cares except you?"- and so, since I do care, as he rightly divined, we will ask Dodo sensei to put us back on the right track again today. Tally ho!

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