Monday, October 3, 2011

Uda2 Dogcafe

After the outing yesterday we had a lazy Sunday and decided to check out another local dog cafe, Uda2cafe. We parked the car near Byoubugaura station and walked down to the corner of route 16. That's the only problem with the location: there's no parking really close by... I ensconced myself on the sofa and we settled in to enjoy a great spaghetti lunch with coffee-their aubergine bacon spaghetti had real pizzazz with lots of chili, and the noodles were al dente, just the way i like it.
The owner has his own band, Loozer, and we asked him to play his CD while we were having lunch. The music was heartfelt without being invasive or overpowering, reminding me of my own son who plays guitar, and I felt privileged to be given unguarded access to these young peoples' artistic space. Live music there too, apparently. Good stuff.
The cafe doubles as an art gallery, and there were lots of cool pictures on the walls: a sort of European Petit Prince aquarelle style meets manga taste, and I bought a Yuka Hamano postcard.

We got talking about the manga in the bookshelf, there were some quite rare gems including the full set of Moyashimon, plus Bakuman which features in  Shonen Jump now. I can see myself popping down with Claire to read Moyashimon, I did enjoy the first volume but it's really hard to find copies. We also chatted with the owner about games, and how we had enjoyed the Super Famicon era with Zelda, Final Fantasy 4 and 5 and Seikendensetsu. This cafe is unpretentious, arsty, comfy and fun-way to go!

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