Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another new day...

Nobu's been with us a full three weeks and is beginning to mark his territory like a man, standing up to pee. When he first came his legs were to weak to balance, and he had to crouch to pee. He likes to pee on top of Claire's markings, and then some inbetween. In the meantime Claire is frozen chasing pigeons on our morning walk, so I had time to snap these shots...when Claire made her move and dashed after them, the camera fortunately dropped in the poopie bag in the muddle of leashes and sudden impetus, otherwise we would have had Mum distraught picking up smashed pieces.

Tosh kept saying wouldn't it be fun if Nobu went after pigeons with Claire...this is a completely fake shot seemingly granting his wish: in actual fact Claire is busy about her hunting, focused, intent, aligned, and Nobu is wandering across her path, getting in the way and flushing the birds with little interest in them at all - what's all the fuss about, he says, beginning to set up a gentle whine if things take too long.
 The pigeons flew across the road, settling on the streetlight across from the park, and Claire stopped at the entrance and wouldn't budge!

Forget birds, says Nobu, I'm on the lookout for doggie friends! I spy with my little eye...

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