Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Way love Goes

Lemar's song is perfect for these two...snoozing in the sitting room, at first each dog is enjoying their own space... and as they get more and more relaxed, they spread out and link up:
oooh come on Claire sweetie stretch out and get in the mooooood...

Nobunaga had his microchip implanted today, subsidized 2000yen courtesy of Yokohama City, which supports microchips. He also had his ears checked and cleaned again, and since there's still some gunk deep in his ears, another week of antiobiotics (this time no anti-imflammatory medicine) and Mum's ear cleaning with solution prescribed. I'm hoping that as his ears heal he'll sleep better at night, right now he's up and about, can't wait to go out, chewing cables and kicking the door with frustration at the long quiet time, or else at the itchy ears, wanting some kind of distraction, not quite sure. Today's training session was great, he managed to sit quite well this time, and we're moving into the wait phase, but his "Nobu, here" response is a delight, lolloping up with a big grin twice the speed of Claire! Claire kind of wanders over, I'll do this in my own time, you know, you do understand I'm doing you a favor here, but all right, since you ask nicely...sort of mood. I asked about training fetch, and got some tips on how to do it...Nobu likes rope and tug of war, so I'm going to buy a kong toy and tie some firm string round it so he can grip it to carry it.

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