Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nobu Dog Hotel Debut: Jody and Purin

We just got back from a fantastic overnight trip to Jody and Purin, a great getaway from city stress. The sad news is they're closing on March 15, so hurry up and book a trip, or it'll be too late. With Nobu getting car sick it's just the right distance, an hour's drive on the expressway, and only a short winding drive on the last stretch. We headed straight for the dogrun before checking in:for the first time I saw the full benefit of having two dogs, as Nobu and Claire ran and ran and ran together, much more than Claire ever ran the first time she was here. I guess she's also built up some stamina with the long walks.

Tosh had some exercise too, running for Nobu to chase, and since there were no small dogs around we opened the gates to the smaller dog runs and dashed round and round through the three areas, exploring the bushes and coveys.
The hotel has a wonderful shower area at the entrance to wash the dog's feet, and there are plenty of towels to dry off the paws and wipe down the tiles to leave it clean for the next family. Then you drop the wet dirty towels in the plastic bin. It's so well organized, and Claire, having gone first, waited patiently for Nobu, who is never too keen on getting his paws wet.

 Then after a short rest in our room I went shopping for clothes for Claire and Nobu - the boutique has original T-shirts, and the green looked great on Nobu,  with a peace sign in colored studs, and there was a knitted top for Claire. The three of us crashed out on the bed while Tosh went to have a bath, and then went back to the dog run for a quick workout again before supper. 

 The dogs are allowed on the bed as long as you use a cover, so I brought our blanket from home: it's lasted a long time, I bought it as a high school student in Germany, so that makes it over thirty years old now.

I jumped in the bath too, and then it was six o'clock and we went upstairs to the restaurant for the candle-lit French dinner with the two dogs waiting for tidbits beside the table. They have their own wine-glasses, with dog designs cut into the crystal, and we had a bottle of white wine with the meal.

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