Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jody and Purin Dog Run

Having spent a restful evening and slept like a log at Jody and Purin , I took the dogs to the dog run while Tosh had a morning spa bath. Breakfast was Japanese, with grilled aji fish, natto beans and  wakame seaweed miso soup- delish. After breakfast we packed up, and after ten o'clock check out we went to the dog run for the last time. We met up with another guest, and Nobu began to play. The wee dog had been interested in Nobu since the evening meet the guests time, when the owners chat and introduce their own dogs, Jody and Wolf (apparently they have nine dogs!). I was kind of afraid he would bite Nobu, since a couple of days ago in the park a jack russell terrier had suddenly aggressively bitten into Nobu after what seemed at first to be a friendly sniff, and poor Nobu froze up into a tiny ball in shock. It took a couple of minutes of stroking and coaxing to revive him and reassure him, and fortunately there were no scars. This time Nobu made sure he ran hell for leather corner to corner of the dog run after coaxing his wee friend to chase him.
We watched carefully, enjoying the fun and ready to jump in if anything got over excited, but there was no need to fear: both dogs had a great time. Nobu used the chairs to maintain a safe separation, just like kids with a safe home base.

Then he would dash out, making sure his friend was following, always just a little bit out of reach to maintain the excitement. Here you can see him glancing round as he runs, to make sure the game of tag is still on. Meanwhile Claire sits around waiting with an air of long-suffering patience. There's only one dog she will play tag with, a Shiba we occasionally meet on walks called Ryu (Dragon), although come to think of it she has begun to play diffidently with Nobu sometimes.
As both dogs got tired, the laps got shorter and shorter, until finally both dogs were down and ready for peeing repeatedly over each other's marking in the same corner and allowing a friendly sniff. Once things had got to this stage, they moved into the grappling and wrestling stage, with Nobu on his back inviting attack, and the wee hound jumping gleefully onto him to grab and hold him in a judo wrestle. Nobu loves full body contact sports, he'd be a great athlete, judo, rugby, wrestling, as long as it's sweaty bodies in a heap, he'd be there! 

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