Friday, January 27, 2012

Nobu Dog Cafe Debut

We're lucky to have a local dog cafe, Anjing (only open on Saturdays), and what with the snow and being busy and all we decided to give the dogs a treat and a change of scene with an afternoon tea. I had a coffee, and the dogs had a special sundae: jellied gourmet something or other specially prepared to delight doggie palates, and served in glass dishes to delight indulgent humans.

Mixing the sundae
Claire waiting while I mix
There was no way the sweeties were going to sit down and wait patiently, but they did their best, and Claire set about licking the glasses and spoons clean before we gave the ok for the feast to begin! Nobu took a while to catch in on the action, so Claire got a good lick of his dishes too. I don't have a picture of them eating when we set the dishes on the floor: it was gone so fast, with such a smacking of lips and delighted scrunching and slurping. Nobu is definitely a believer in dog cafes now! When we go by on our morning walk he sniffs  around at the entrance, waiting in vain for the open sesame. Sure is a good thing having a local dog cafe.

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