Thursday, January 26, 2012

Training Nobu

Nobu is the most gorgeous dog ever. HANDSOME! Takes my breath away watching him training with Dodo sensei.  He trots, lifting his paws with confidence and ease, jaunty, sauntering, fully present. He puffs up his chest, lifts his chin, his eyes sparkle, dandy! Then when it's my turn he gets all babyish and cuddles up and snuggles up and playbites me, nipping my sleeve, my coat, my legs, anywhere is up for a poke and a nip, and I can't get him to sober up and calm down. Since he doesn't get that way with Dodosensei, it's a real challenge to know how to control him. I've tried huddling on the ground faking pain with little cries of ouch, and he jumps happily on my back enjoying the full body contact and bites me ever so gently from the side...if I get up and try to walk away, he thinks that's part of the fun...We have an old shoe of Tosh's that I shove in his jaws and we tussle and play with that, but he still goes for my hands, creatively playing with ME, not toys. I'm hoping with our weekly training sessions he'll learn WAIT, and we're trying to focus his energy into FETCH with kong toys...Whatever, when he trains with sensei, Nobu is unbelievably melt your heart GORGEOUS. 

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