Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday Sports

In spite of being totally overburdened with work, Tosh and I made some time to go to the sports day organized by dog school I'll doing volunteer training of the rescued English setters. As usual with two dogs, the schedule of events and the long drive to Chiba we were unable to snap photos, so please click on the sports day link to see a report by the CACI shelter. The first snap we have is courtesy of Trainer Yamamoto himself, who did a grand job organizing all the fun. We had to leave for home early so as not to be driving in the dark and didn't get a booby prize for the dogs to enjoy on the way home :( Maybe next time :) Meanwhile we pigged out on the gorgeous buffet meal provided by CACI...thank you! 
Dash- Claire running with Tosh (Photo Courtesy of K. Okayama)
Dash - Nobu running with/after me (Photo courtesy Keita Okayama)

I really enjoyed meeting all the other setter owners and volunteer staff. Everyone was so in love with their dogs, and proud of their dogs! +Let's hope Aria, Kelly, Fizz and Elle find loving homes too, and owners who can be proud of their skills, temperament and beauty.

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