Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nobunaga before and after!

Nobu before his Five Drops name tag arrives
The parcel arrives
The excitement and smiles- Mum is this for me?
Just doing a reality check here-yes, it's real!
Seen from above- turquoise and green leather with a silver concho and garnet in the centre
 Five drops name tags are hand-made and hand-woven, and each one is made specially for the dog, with a prayer woven into the plait:
"Nobunaga, may each future day bring health and more and more happiness, so that your smile glows in the family circle of your forever home."
今までの分もいっぱい幸せを手に入れるのですから 鈴木様のそばで笑顔でいられるように

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