Monday, August 18, 2014

Before the Storm! Nasu Day 2

On our second day of our summer holiday, we went shopping in the morning before it got really hot, first dropping in Shiawase Dog which had moved, and was way in the boonies: unfortunately also closed Monday morning that day, little did I know that the poster for a lost dog there would soon be added to. On our way up to the Herb store, we stopped off at dog boutique Bee&Bee, and got Claire and Luna new flower power handmade collars.
 Popped in the herb store to buy their delicious herb tea blends, while the man very kindly walked the dogs in the area, no dogs inside and it's too hot to leave them in the car. A blend of marjoram and palma rosa in marigold oil I bought there helped save Luna's life in the spring, I mixed it and I rubbed it on her belly for the pyometra. We got a bit lost on all the back roads and saw cutie groups of monkeys and snakes, all very exciting, before we finally found our way back to Miruphony + DOG for Mummy to have an unforgettable cofee jelly, and the dogs to have unforgettable waffles.
It's a fantastic cafe, so spacious and full of light with a view onto the woods, very relaxing. They also have a great selection of handcrafted doggie goods and treats, last year we bought Nobunaga a Nosebleed leather collar here, with a very distinct horseshoe buckle. Nice to browse as the dogs relax on the polished wood floor, waiting for their waffles :P
After that it was time for lunch (I have an infinite capacity for coffee jelly and sweet stuff), so we proceeded to Tensui soba for a fantastic lunch with the dogs on the terrace.
Since eating soba with Claire at Wanko Soba Rotta in Odawara some years ago, I knew she loves soba too, so I was busy sharing the slurpies under the table. Of course, it turned out Chiaro di Luna and Nobunaga are fans of delicious soba noodles too!

After this busy morning running around shopping, it was time to get back to the dog run for some splosh and run and nap before the delicious evening meal...everything seemed perfect, nothing could go wrong, oooh, just a couple more days recharging batteries and relaxing, I thought...

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