Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Still Looking

 Went to Nasu, hoping to find Luna near the interchange at Azumagoya, but it was a different dog. Placed urine scents from Nobu, Claire and me soaked in my pillow and pyjamas all around Pension Olive again with the help of Monet-mama, and then we had lunch at Tensui Soba. Possible LUNA sighting near TENSUI SOBA LAST NIGHT, I heard this morning! If only I hadn't driven home yesterday night...After lunch we moved over to Maniwa farm, walking and searching, and I went to sleep in the Nasu service area, driving home through the night to get back for 2am...weirly wired up now, praying we can find her near deliciousTensui soba or she moves back to the freshly scented Pension Olive...just wondering if I have the energy to drive over again tonight...the being the prime holiday week, it will be so crowded, the only time to drive is in the small hours...
I prayed at the roadside shrine for animals near Kashiwadai jinja, a really powerful sacred site for Luna's safety and safe recovery... those mountain gods are deep and powerful, they will bring her back to me! Along with all of you friends and volunteers, thank you so much for helping keep the search and the spirit going. When all this is over, I really recommend having cheesecake at Maniwa farm and walking up past the 柏台神社, it seems to have a really special sacred aura up there...power spot!

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