Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family stroll

 At last the rain has held off for a full day, and it's just right for a long Sunday afternoon walk in the park...lots of pigeons, doggie friends to meet and greet, and cats in the bushes to be sniffed out. 

Training Luna to check in with Nobu, who saunters along at a stately pace behind the overexcited ladies...they rush on ahead, and then we double back, to get Luna into a more circular pattern of motion, checking in with her pack, rather than just dashing off into the blue after the heady scents.
 On the way home, she was overtired and so I popped her up on my shoulder for a bit to let her catch her breath...looks like she's enjoying the special treatment... Good thing she's not as heavy as Claire or Nobunaga, otherwise this would be impossible.
 Her body and legs might be protesting and giving out under her, but mentally she's still totally in hunting mode, from the looks of this picture! What a dynamic, powerful but goofy little baby Luna is! No idea of her body's limits, no idea how to pace herself...once again I am in awe of how clever Nobu and Claire are compared to Luna.

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