Saturday, August 9, 2014

Luna Search and Rescue Operation

Today, day four Luna's been on the loose in Nasu, volunteers from CACI Gundog rescue are distributing 3000 leaflets and searching in the area for Luna. Thank you, and I pray all the efforts bear fruit.
I am still trying to kick this debilitating headache, and thinking of driving up again alone with the Nobu and Claire Monday if she hasn't been found and I'm feeling better, so we can reset the scents after the typhoon rain has passed through. 
I'm still really hoping the microchip and collar will prove useful, one kind lady called me up to tell me not to give up hope, and said her pointer was found 16kms away, she had a phone call from a kind person who took the dog in. Meanwhile I am blown away by the huge response from friends and volunteers out searching, can't thank you enough, teary eyed with all the love going round. 
I am really sure she knows the scent of Pension Olive where we were staying, we were there for five days in spring when she was quite sick, so we just spent whole days lying in the grass in the dog run under the trees, and on Sunday when we arrived we did the same, so it will surely be a place she can aim for, even if the typhoon rains wash away the scents of me and the doggies peeing along the road she went for her morning walk. Right now I am clutching my head, knocking back aspirins and praying for her quick and safe recovery.

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