Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miracle come true

Luna in my arms, she is safe, thanks to all of you. Each single share and click, each prayer, each step to put up posters and talk to people and walk the terrain searching, a huge miracle happened last night. THANK YOU!
CACI Gundogrescue have been an incredible source of strength and inspiration, coordinating, and moving mountains. Thank you! Today I'll be doing my best to begin thanking everyone.

Luna was in the Maniwa Farm area after all, I got the phone call around 18:15, drove over from Tensui Soba and YES! it was really her, I just dropped to my knees and began to cry as she jumped into my incredibly happy and relieved.

We popped by Maniwa Farm, Olive and Tensui to thank them for their cooperation and help, and Pension Olive took this picture...when we got out of the car, she was skipping and running to the door, she remembers the happy times well. I cannot thank Pension Olive enough for their warm support and help searching. 

Then began the long drive home in heavy traffic, I couldn't get on my phone to tell everyone and thank you all as I was driving, Luna and I stopped off for a pee at Sano parking area but otherwise drove through, getting home around midnight: almost 24 hours on the road for Mummy, but I was in overdrive, we got home safe, and headed straight for the shower! No broken bones, thank God, a few scrapes here and there and one tick on her cheek that I discovered and removed this morning ( I did apply Frontline before we left for Nasu).  

I guess I'm still in overdrive, got up at five to cook Luna some stamina breakfast, kelp soup with chunks of marlin, yams, carrots, white radish, cabbage...gotta get some meat back on this baby! 

Thank you all so much, this miracle is made by all of you! Nobu was so worried, he didn't want to drive home a week ago, and since then has been sleeping under the table in Luna's place, and dripping water all over the floor like she does after drinking. Thank you, he says, here's a paw in gratitude!

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