Thursday, August 7, 2014

Luna still missing

Luna loves BREAD! Best way to lure her close, plain old white bread...
This picture of Luna taken in the dogrun by the owner of Pension Olive just two days before she went missing- they have been so kind helping us look, both by car and bicycle, and distributing posters, and even let us stay on an extra night in case she came home. Today I was exhausted and suffering from heatstroke, 20kms on Tuesday and 8kms yesterday walking round in the heat from 5:00a.m. searching, calling, distributing leaflets, calling various police stations and town halls, and so with terrible migraine and vomiting had to come home this morning. 
I am now at home recharging my batteries and waiting for a phone call from some friendly person whose house or farm she may take shelter in. There was a possible sighting on Tuesday evening near Maniwa Farm, but if it was her, she has crossed the big river and a bridge, which means she may not be able to find her way back to Pension Olive. We drove over glasses broke on the way and my head was killing me, and she wasn't anywhere in sight, so we gave up again...
A huge thank you to CACI Gundog Rescue who has been helping coordinate the search. RalphAmelieBona papa took the afternoon off work to help us search yesterday, distributing leaflets as he went. Thank you! Angie and Rondo's dad is out with bread searching right now on my behalf, I cannot thank you enough, and just pray the search bears fruit. I have such a big hole in my heart, it's painful...Do take care, this heat is excruciating.
Dogs are such clever creatures, and Luna is a wily veteran in her setter element, if her innards haven't given out on her (she is on the verge of rupturing her spleen, says the vet) I'm praying and trusting she'll be home safe and back in my arms again soon. 

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