Wednesday, August 6, 2014


ルナ探し、エアください. ポスター作ってくれました。Luna is missing in Nasu 大字高久丙area (near Pension Olive) since early morning August 5th. She is microchipped and wearing a black leather collar with silver and turquoise studs, and a second jeans style soft collar with name Luna and mobile phone number. We are searching the area, but she may have run quite far, being a setter who loves to hunt and run...CACI have made a poster, please print out and/ or share. I am praying we find her safe, either through the police/animal welfare authorities (duly notified) or some kind person who finds her- please call me asap. So many friends and doggie lovers are on this hunt for my treasure, thank you so much for the huge show of support.

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