Friday, August 8, 2014

Luna 72hours missing

Still hunting in the west Nasu area for 18kg setter lady Luna, who can swim, is microchipped, wearing two collars, black leather with silver and turquoise studs, and a jeans soft collar with name LUNA and mobile phone number. Very friendly, loves white bread, will sit for food on command. 
Praying that today she will ask some friendly humans for food and shelter, or find her way back to Pension Olive where she spent five days in spring, and three days this summer. Just over 72hours now since the leash clip popped open on her morning walk and she dashed off like a missile into the beckoning verdure: rolling hills of green fields and rice paddies, thickets and copses for shade, streams and rivers galore and of course birds innumerable, must have smelled like heaven. She never looked back...
Hubs called me frantic on the cell and I ran along the road to where he stood hoping she would circle back, calling and calling, and so the hunt began for both her and me, only for me, Luna is my pigeon, my grouse, my quail...I wish I could have just smelled her out....I had no idea losing a dog could hurt so much, feel like my navel has been gored by a spear and my heart pierced with another. Please share this and keep an eye out for her or pass on the word in any way possible...hugging my phone, and thanking all of you who are helping in the search from the bottom of my heart. Chiaro di Luna, may God be with you and bring you home to me.

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