Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anjin Dog Cafe Homemade dogfood

On a rainy day like yesterday when I don't go for such long walks it's great to get out to our local dog cafe Anjin. I needed a coffee to wake me up, for some reason I fell fast asleep on the sofa with Claire mid-afternoon, and Claire and Nobu needed a change of scene. Fortunately it was Saturday, since that's the only day of the week Anjin is open lately.  When we arrived the resident dachshund pair set up their usual hullaballoo, but they're getting used to us dropping by and weren't quite so persistently ear-splitting as before. We settled in for my coffee, and as Nobu and Claire's food was served the two sat up to attention, Nobu with such a delighted look of anticipation on his face. Claire could hardly restrain herself, even to the point of putting her paws on the low table, only to be scolded and sit back down. Below the delicious dog plate prepared by the Anjin mama, potato and vegies with shredded chicken croquettes.

While the two were eating a dachshund and cavalier spaniel pair came in, and we enjoyed chatting. The male dachshund managed to salvage the tomato from Nobu's plate, he set to with such gusto some bits went flying. The dachshund was a friendly chap, came over to check out the floor and say hello to both dogs, but his lady spaniel mate was more timid, only approaching under cover of her mum's outstretched arm as we all took photos. The coffee and food came to less then a thousand yen, and made a fun wee outing for both me and the dogs. I can see me becoming a regular :)

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