Friday, February 24, 2012

Claire and Nobu Hundegarden

We are very fortunate to have a great dog trainer locally, Dodo-sensei. He looks after Claire and Nobu when I need to be away for a long stretch of time, or if we are both away overnight. He sometimes takes pictures of the dogs and posts them on his blog, and today a lady in the park told me she had seen a picture of Nobu and another of Nobu and Claire at his blog website, in the February 16th posting.  Above is the picture he took when we were both busy, and he also writes a short report. They are really lucky to be taken for walkies in their usual home environment, so no need to get anxious about not coming home.
This morning was training day again, and we practised sit; sit then down; sit and wait; down and wait; up and wait; and then up, wait (standing) and sit from afar (advanced stuff only Claire can do); sit, wait and here; sit, take and drop it, either doing the dogs in tandem, and then finally taking turns while the other dog is fastened to the park bench on a leash. They were quite good dogs today.  Funny enough on "here" Nobu literally cannons into me, he's so keen to get the tidbit, and Claire poddles over at a snail's pace, picking up speed as she gets closer, but never getting beyond a trot.

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