Saturday, February 11, 2012

Morning sun

Claire and Nobu snoozing on the sofa in the morning sun after a good walk in the park on the long lead, and a hearty breakfast. Nobunaga has been with us two months now, and Claire a whole six months, half a year! The changes in Nobu over these eight weeks have been pretty spectacular: he now waits patiently with Claire in the entrance without being restrained  on a leash until I wipe down his dirty paws and give him the okay to enter. He plays with toys instead of running away to hide- even Mum has become a toy, he jumps up and invites me to play now. He now chooses to be up on the sofa instead of secluded in the hallway on the cold hard floorboards. He has gained four to five kilos in weight and as his body has filled out he has gained healthy muscles and contours. He has begun to enjoy birds! (Two dogs straining on the leash after pigeons -help!) He no longer barks wildly at every passing dog inviting them to play, he's learned there are times and places to play, and that not all dogs are interested. He's learned not to eat everything he finds on walks including poops, and no longer goes wild over plastic bags he finds, happy to get treats and good food in our home. 
These first two months have been tiring, I guess for Nobu too, establishing routines and getting to know each other. I feel a little washed out, need to recharge my batteries, and some days I can't get up for an early morning walk, and the dogs get less exercise. Sometimes I see Nobu remembering frustrated patterns of being scolded from before, and he gets a devil may care attitude going wild as I race after him calling, so I never scold when I catch up with him. But I'm trying to get him to behave from the good of his heart because he wants to be loved and appreciated and fit in with the family. I've learned to crouch down on the floor curled up in a little ball if I don't want to play, and he gets the message to leave me alone.
I'm not saying it's going to be plain sailing from here, but I think things will be a little more easy...Claire is perfection, the most beautiful sweet lady, and Nobu will be her samurai, spectacular athletic body with a refined sense of self-control and excellent poise...I'm working on it! :P

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