Friday, February 3, 2012


Researching music for my December chacha with Kent-sensei I bought an Enrique Iglesias CD, only to find that he's dedicated it to his dog, Grammy. Another dog-lover:
Euphoria to me is finding heaven on earth.
Taking joy in the great events and
smaller moments in your life...
NO matter where the road takes me.
no matter where I go, I will always cherish the
feeling of comin' home
Returning to my small corner of the world
to rest, and spend a perfect afternoon with my old
and loyal friend Grammy. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, roars
and whispers thank-you Grammy, for always running
down the drive when you hear the car pull up
and welcoming me heaven on earth
This album is dedicated to Grammy
-someday we'll be together again
It's not really got any particularly good songs I'd like to dance to, although I quite like the monotony of the song Heartbeat...Meanwhile Claire ate my dance shoe today for some reason, she was near the table making busy chewing noises and I thought it was her pig's trotter, only it was my latin dance trotter - yikes. After a year of dancing it was all sweaty and smelly, so it must have been particularly delicious. My fault for abandoning the shoes on the kitchen floor instead of putting them away in their soft bag, but at least a good excuse to buy a new pair.

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