Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paw of Sweden Broken Leash

Six months ago, when Claire first arrived we bought a 10m Paw of Sweden leash, and then when Nobu arrived we bought a new orange one...after a month of use (Nobu being bigger and heavier was on the old pink one) the handle part broke, the end of the loop slipped out of the black rubber, and off went Claire trailing the leash- she's a good girl and stopped when we called her, so there were no accidents Nevertheless, quite shocked, we tied the loop and continued to use the leash (we have two short ones from the Paw with no problems)...only yesterday, the last straw: the part clipped to the dog also slipped out of its black rubber and Claire was free in the crowded Hodogaya Park. Fortunately after about five minutes she came back to me, and there were no accidents with cars or jumping up and scaring people, but it was one of the longest five minutes of my life.

Since we are happily using the same type of leash, both short and long, and the old leash is not broken, I wrote to the company asking if this kind of complaint happened often. They had the gall to write back and say it was the first time and they were terribly sorry and please read company policy which says only a new lead can be replaced if it breaks the first day of use. Scandalous! If there are no previous complaints and we are using three other of their leashes, they should admit it was a faulty product and offer to replace it. Never before have i been treated so badly as a customer in Japan. What should I do?

If it were Rakuten I could give them a terrible rating...I wrote back asking them to reconsider and send me a replacement...I am in quandary because I really like these leashes, light, easy to carry, but the store attitude SUCKS big time. Maybe I should write directly to Sweden complaining???

My first mail:








Their reply:

この度は当店でお買い上げいただいた商品「 リフレクティブロングリード10m PAW of Sweden」について、



PAW of Sweden社製のロープリードにつきましては、接続部に頑丈な金属部品等は使用しておらず、
使用頻度・使用方法・使用中に高負荷がかかった場合・使用中に傷などができた場合 等、



My second mail

Paw of Sweden the broken part. The black rubber is stuck tight and won't fit through the metal clip, so I had to double the rope to tie the seamans knot

The broken handle part: again, the black rubber is stuck tight while the free end has slipped out, so there is no loop, and I had to tie the rope to make a new loop.

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