Sunday, February 19, 2012

PAW of Sweden: great customer service :)

Claire using the 10m pink PAW lead in the park: this one has been going strong since August!

Mum walking with Nobu using the pink PAW 10m lead - easy to reel in, great handling and fun color matching my shoes, strong and reliable.

I called PAW of Sweden on Skype, I was so frustrated! The lady on the phone was so friendly, listened to me carefully and immediately asked me to send pictures and my address and they would organize a replacement. They also asked me to buy directly from them in future. YES I WILL! None of these rude Japanese stores inbetween.

I am so relieved, because these are fantastic products: the colors are great, they wash easily and dry quickly, they run smoothly and don't tangle, they are strong and heavy duty when my two babies run and forage, and they are so light they give the dogs a sense of freedom, while at the same time they are light for me to carry and pop in my pocket when I change to a long lead. I would hate to stop buying them! I am now so happy I can continue to enjoy the leashes with Nobu and Claire.

Thank you friends for encouraging me to go straight to company headquarters with this issue. And thank you PAW for being so understanding.

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