Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy Mum

I am too lazy for words, I can't get up early for the morning walk, so I'm going to have a bath and then go out with the dogs...Nobu and Claire wake me up around seven lately, to let me know it's really high time to get up. They seem to understand that the five thirty slot is not going to happen...wise dogs.


  1. Same as Clair and Nobu, my JRT Cream wakes me up around 7:00am every weekends. On the other hand, Alice does not until she gets hungry....
    But after she gets up, she request me breakfast, then walking after breakfast.
    It is really interesting they request "walking" to me on every weekends, but to my wife on the weekdays. How do they know I am off every weekend?
    Dogs are indeed wise, aren't they?

    1. Thank you for always commenting :) Alice is such a beautiful setter, and I love reading your blog. I think dogs are psychic, they know when we humans are down and need extra loving, and other times just how to look sweet so they can wheedle extra treats. I'm our official dog-walker, so they know I'm more likely to go out with them than give them a treat. They just wait for the sound of me turning off the computer and then come running, all happy and excited and in walkies mode.