Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Claire on the prowl

Claire has found pigeons

Nobu doing his butter wouldn't melt in my mouth face while taking Claire's spot on the sofa

Nobu deciding it's safe and settling in for a nap


  1. It is very familiar expression that Clair is focusing on pigeon. Alice also has same look when she finds birds on the power lines.
    I love this expression, because I do feel their pure hearts in their cute eyes and expressions.
    Also, Nobu's sharp eyes in the second photo and lazy expression in the bottom photo are another familiar expressions.
    Every expression they make is really lovely, isn't it?

  2. Yeah, English setters are so expressive, and I'm in love with every second. They are so intelligent and really interact with us humans with a whole gamut of emotions, and I agree, that makes it so much more fun. Moments like that, when Claire is focused on her pigeon, she is oblivious to anything else, very beautiful to watch...