Friday, February 24, 2012

Paw of Sweden Satisfied Customer

It was really exciting to get a parcel delivered yesterday from Sweden...Everyone has this image of me as a seasoned internationalist, and to be sure I'm really used to snail mail from friends in the US, Australia, the UK, Germany, France and so on, but until now I've never had any contact with somebody in Sweden,so I find it thrilling! Plus compared to the snide Japanese response, Paw was exceptionally friendly and understanding about the broken lead in a very upbeat, positive way - and now their replacement lead came so fast in the post!

They also included two complimentary collars in matching orange and pink, and a nice handwritten note for a real personal feel. This is the kind of customer service I generally get from stores here in Japan, so it is really great to have a warm glow from Europe: I am particularly happy because even the best leashes need to be replaced as they get old, and I love these PAW products and really wanted to keep on buying them. Now I know I can safely and unconditionally endorse these products. 

I noticed on the website they also have salmon oil. Right now the dogs are eating Fish4dogs salmon oil for glossy coats, a teaspoon per day, but there is only the trial size available in Japan, which means it gets quite expensive in the long run. I saw that PAW has a big bottle, so I'm thinking of ordering one plus some new colors in everyday short leash (right now I use purple and white/gold). But not today, today is training day with Dodo sensei, and then I have to write an email to thank PAW and let them know the parcel arrived safely :)

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