Thursday, November 28, 2013

Autumn Moon

Luna just loved her debut at the Oimatsuda dog run. I say debut, but basically we had it all to ourselves, and fortunately I had taken a rug to sit on and a rug to wrap up in as I watched the dogs run and play, because there was a cold wind. That didn't deter the dogs from splashing in the stream and quenching their thirst, Luna was having a ball.
Basically I was able to open all the gates, and so Luna was able to explore three dog runs in one, and she made the most of the heavenly opportunity, almost never stopped running the whole time we were there. I know she'll sleep well I type she's chewing furiously on a gum stick, not too strong yet, her jaws, so she doesn't manage as well as Nobu and Claire, but there's no doubt she's in her element, little moonbeam, Chiaro di Luna.

Claire and Nobu took it all in their stride, they know the place well, and no longer get so excited, just enjoy the mountain air, the space, the herons and other birds flying up from the river, and mouthfuls of freshly baked sweet potato shared between us courtesy of the dog run.

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