Saturday, November 16, 2013

Luna's Kuraki Park Debut

 Imagine a child at the gates of Disneyland...this is Luna, just looking at the world of woods and scents and excitement, the show is about to begin!
And here they are, three setters in a row, veteran Claire found the pigeon first (after the ducks and the cat, which I managed to navigate successfully thanks to the help of a friend). Once the three have locked on to their target, I can drop the leash and take a picture, in the hope that it doesn't fly immediately :P.

Stopping for a moment to catch my breath...before we head for home...
 Washing three dogs takes its time, Claire goes first, and then Luna while Nobu waits outside. It's Luna's second shampoo, with Luminosa shampoo, and she comes up so soft and beautiful, she really loves being shampooed, I even did her face and ears and muzzle, and she was sooooo happy...just look at that kiss me face :) I knew she was a dog in a million :)

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